AUT class at the Museum

Transmedia Narratives 2016 class photo on the steps of Auckland Museum.

I taught a level 6 Bachelor of Creative Technologies elective course at AUT called Transmedia Narratives.  In this class students are asked to create a transmedia narrative – a storytelling experience conveyed across multiple platforms and formats – using contemporary and emerging technologies. Many examples of transmedia storytelling are large scale, complex, big budget projects, so students can find it hard to understand how they can apply transmedia concepts. When Auckland Museum approached AUT Colab to explore opportunities to collaborate I saw an opportunity for students to learn about transmedia practices in a real industry setting.

In 2016 Transmedia Narratives students worked on briefs provided by Auckland Museum to create digital learning objects and experiences that promote learning and engagement. Students had the opportunity to spend time at the museum learning through observation and interaction with Museum staff. Working with Auckland Museum helped students to understand transmedia narratives in the context of a world-class cultural heritage institution in their own city and also gave them an insight into working with creative technologies in a professional environment.

Student Feedback

“I enjoyed this project and working alongside the Museum because I was able to engage in the real world and understand what different people’s needs are. I enjoyed working at the museum because I could observe the different galleries and understand what is successful and what needed improvement.”

“Working with the museum I’ve been privileged to work in a professional environment for a real client. This has benefited me as an individual by allowing me to expose my ideas in a form that I was comfortable with.”

“Meeting some of the staff in the museum was pretty cool. I had a lot of fun visiting their basement where they kept all their stored artefacts. It made not only me but the whole class feel special to be viewing them exclusively. Working with the Auckland Museum pushed me to learn more not just about NZ’s story, but I have also developed my understanding of the notion of Transmedia Narratives. Above all this, it was both challenging and personally rewarding applying my knowledge of Transmedia to our project for the museum.”