Thesis and Cat


Ph.D. University of Melbourne/University of Auckland (Joint PhD, 2014).  Innovation and Change in Aotearoa New Zealand’s Documentary Production Ecology 2010-2013.

This thesis presents a detailed analysis of New Zealand’s documentary production ecology during the period 2010 – 2013, focusing on innovation, change and the function(s) of documentary as a creative and cultural industry. Drawing on interviews, observation, practice-led research and analysis of theatrical and television documentary output, the framework of ecology is used to examine the specific conditions of documentary production in New Zealand as a complex media system in relation to global shifts in media production, distribution and use.

Grad. Dip. Digital Media. Auckland University of Technology. 2006 – 2007

M.A. (First Class Honours). University of Auckland. Film, TV and Media Studies. ‘Interactive memory: cinematic hypertext and prosthesis in Chris Marker’s Sans soleil’. 2000 – 2002

B.A. University of Auckland. English/Film, TV and Media Studies. 1996 – 1999


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