Dave Boivin gives a talk on transmedia storytelling at TedX Auckland as part of the transmedia narrative created for the play Pure and Deep (2014).

Venus and Dave’s connection is rekindled when Venus attends an Auckland TEDx conference that Dave presents at, and she tweets about it afterwards. In a brilliant stroke of meta-marketing, Dave (on Twitter, @D_immersion) did actually do a TEDx talk at the recent Auckland conference, and Venus (@VenusYoga) did actually tweet about it afterwards. In the programme, you can find Dave’s business card and Venus’ yoga flyer.

For those who have been following the Twitter-handles, this is the greatest transmedia campaign Auckland theatre has ever seen. When Toa Fraser tweeted the name of the play’s title, Venus replied saying that she hoped it was a “nature documentary”, causing Fraser to fret, “oh man I might have to change the title”. When Fraser put his worry out to his followers, other (real) people suggested it meant something a little more adults-only.

– excerpt of a review by James Wenley for Metro Magazine