Children Playing with Beambox

Beambox was an interactive playground that brought the worlds of science and digital art together to celebrate the International Year of Light 2015. The light-themed, multimedia installation gave the public the opportunity to see, hear and experience the electromagnetic spectrum.

Beambox resulted from a collaboration between the Department of Physics at the University of Auckland, Auckland University of Technology’s Colab and Auckland Live that aimed to engage the public (particularly young people) in physics, with a focus on “Light Science and its Applications”.

Throughout 2015, a team of mentors and students from each institution worked together to create a  learning experience that is both accessible and informative and that sparked  interest in the science of the physical world by encouraging collective play. Beambox was staged in Aotea Square, Auckland during December 2015.

As a project mentor I helped students to draw on transmedia practices to use story and characters to communicate scientific concepts. I also helped students to create supporting media to reach and engage audiences.